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It’s the one thing I seem to be running out of lately. I cannot even begin to describe how busy I’ve been lately, and I’ve been neglecting this blog hardcore. Hahah.
I’m overdue for an update, but it’s okay. I have a ton of material I could use.

For example, Saturday was prom. It was amazing of course <3 I had tried my first vegan pizza at the place my group went out to eat at. It looked really sketchy when the waitress brought it out but it was soooo good. I'll def need to get some more of that soon. The after party wasn't as great as I had expected it to be. I didn't get hammered like I wanted to because I had to give the dd directions back to my house and I made sure I was lucid enough to do that.

Last Monday I had an "audition" at Coldstone that went well enough for me to get a callback which occurred today. I'm now proud to say that I am once again employed <3
I'm so stoked. Nobody understands how thrilled I am right now. I start my training next week (:

I'm stressin' a little bit, too. I've already found out that I have tests in two of my classes on Wednesday, the same day I present my senior project! Gahhh! I'm so not ready for this- or parts of it, anyway.


old times.

I’m thrilled. I just had a long conversation with my dad about a lot of things in the car ride to and from home, tonight. We went to see I Am Number Four, which was incredible as fuck. It reminds me of how our relationship used to be. Before we had horses and his time was focused on that, we used to go to movies all the time…
I’m going to stop with that before I get all sappy now…

But I will say that we talked quite a bit about tattoos and we even talked about what I want next. It’s cool because he was giving me some pretty good feedback and I’m now guessing that it won’t be very hard to convince him to let me get it. Maybe sooner than later? Idk- that was my good news for the day. Bye (:


Spring Break 2011, bitch <3

I sooo need this. Tonight was the best way to kick it off, too. Danced off all that fat that's been buildin' up lately! Now I just need to keep active over the next few days and not eat my heart out.

This is gonna be perfect for all the shit lately, too. No stress; no school; no drama. I've definitely been looking forward to this for way too long. Unfortunatley I'll be working on my senior project all week, though \:

party time.

Title says it all.

I had a long week and I’m really just looking to kick back. My parents are going out of town tomorrow night, so I’m having a small gathering (;
I’m excited because the last time I “kicked-back” was new year’s- and I got busted for that. Hahah. Let’s hope my luck isn’t so poor this time around.

I really just want to invite a large group of people to my house, though. More specifically, a certain type of people- because there’s one person I’d want here, except I don’t know who that person should be. It makes sense, trust me. Hah.

so close.

Who would think that the day I post my next record to break I would be sooo close to doing it! This is probably the most I’ve ever updated wordpress like this! Good thing, no doubt- cause now it gives you all a better idea of all the shit that’s going on! Although there really isn’t anything interesting in stats. Hahah.

I apologize. I’ll make the next post something worth reading


I’m writing a novel.


It’s going to be amazing… If I finish. This is only the fourth novel that I’ve attempted to write. All other times I got writer’s block/bored. I’ll be trying to fight that urge, however. Wish me luck, yeah?


It’s so hard to come across it lately

But I’m trying my best… Or not really. I’ve been going with the flow quite a bit lately. I think it’s just because it’s been the last few weeks of the grading period and I was in a “whatever” mood. The great news is that I ended up with 3 A’s, 2 B’s, and one C! Wooo! All my hard work has paid off, it looks like. I think that was good enough to get me onto the B honor roll, too? I hope so, because the last time I was on that was back in 10th grade. Far too long, if you ask me. Ha.

I’ve been thinking about schools a lot lately. Just this past week I applied at Stevens Point, which is weird because it wasn’t on my priority list to send an application too! I saw that it had a study abroad program in Ireland, so I was like hell.yes. I should be hearing from them soon, and I think when I do I’ll apply to a couple more; River Falls or Eau Claire is what I’m thinking.

I’m trying to get another piercing. It’s been so long since I’ve had a needle in me! My mom proceeded to tell me the latest time was in September, and now that I think about it I guess it wasn’t so far away. I don’t care though, I need something new. I want my cartilage but my mom is saying I can only double up on my lobes. Ehh, I guess it’s better than nothing.

I’ve also realized that guys just suck. End of story. You can never get the ones you want, others are too creepy, and some people (this would be my best friend) seem to get anybody they want! I’m quite jealous but whatever. I’ll get someone fabulous… Someday? (;