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Spring Break 2011, bitch <3

I sooo need this. Tonight was the best way to kick it off, too. Danced off all that fat that's been buildin' up lately! Now I just need to keep active over the next few days and not eat my heart out.

This is gonna be perfect for all the shit lately, too. No stress; no school; no drama. I've definitely been looking forward to this for way too long. Unfortunatley I'll be working on my senior project all week, though \:



For starters, I’m up at three in the morning because the damn red bull I drank on the way home from a four hour car ride is just now kicking in. Of course, as I drink it in the car I’m only more tired and manage to fall asleep, yet now that I’m in a nice comfortable bed I can’t sleep for shit.

I’m just so pissed right now. I cannot wait until graduation and finally turning eighteen. Cause then, I am sooo gone.

Shit always hits the fan when I’m away from home, and of course no one is up this early for me to talk to anybody about it. I just really wish I have the ability to cry- because I have an intense urge to just let it all out. Idfk why I can’t cry, but this is one of the only times I’ve ever wished I could.

There’s just too much on my plate right now. School/senior project, prom, friends, family, boy(s). It never comes one at a time- just one big fucking wave.

I just need arms around me. Right cause that’s gonna happen right now


Today marks the day that I’ve finally beat my “busiest day” views record! It’s only by 1, but whatever- I’ll take that! Besides, it’s still early in the afternoon. There’s plenty of time for more views (:

I’m actually getting started on my senior project, too. It takes a lot of stress off, and it feels sooo good. Hahah. I just need to find a piano teacher for a few “formal” lessons and then I’m all set.

Other quick updates for the night:
-I did kickass on my last test in anat & phys and I actually have the second highest grade in my class which I’m fuckin’ stoked about.
-And I’ve probably filled out 20 applications within the past two weeks just looking for anything. I have a few more that I’m doing tonight still. God, I need something soon- I’m runnin’ out of monayy.


I’ve been meaning to update this for the past few days. I was on such a role last month and whadda ya know, nine days in to February and this is my first post! Whoops! I’m only human, so forgive me (:

There’s not much to say though. I haven’t been working on my book as much as I’d like but I had a busy weekend so that’s mostly to blame. I had planned on sitting down and knocking out at least two chapters; yeah- didn’t happen. I have a good reason, so it’s all good, but I’ll make up for it this weekend… Hopefully.

I’m starting to freak out about my senior project now. I have until april to get everything done and I haven’t started yet! Granted, I don’t have my approved proposal back yet, so I can’t exactly start, but I’m still stressin’. I hope that learning the piano isn’t going to be too difficult, because I’m going to have to perform to the judges! I already figured I would, but I didn’t know I’d have to do three seperate pieces! Gahhh! Whatever, I’m not turning back now.

Hahaha, I just found a huge chunk of cake on my computer! I think it fell out of my hood… Don’t judge (:


Time flies. Like, wtf. I can’t believe it’s been three days since my last post! It feels like I only did it yesterday! But on the bright side, I’m updating this and it hasn’t even been a month! Hahahah. Of course it helps that my other blog site is down, atm. Ugh, ftw. Hahah.

It’s not too smart of me to be on here, either. I’m supposed to be studying for a test I have tomorrow. Whatever, I have a B in the class, and I don’t think I’d drop down too much. (Now watch as I find out I have a D at the end of the quarter, ugh). Speaking of! The first semester ends on friday! Noooo! I’ve made zero progress on my senior project. What the hell? I love how I’m doing exactly what I said I was never going to do. I’m a bit of a failure/procrastinator, but if you read this then you already know that. Ha.

No ceilings motherfucker, good morning

Ha. Sorry. Weezy popped up on Pandora<3 Pretty sure it’s not going to be a good morning. I’ll be up all night because I’m an idiot. Oh well, the conversations I had tonight were well worth it; besides I should stop complaining- I hate it when people complain about situations they’ve put themselves in! Then again, that’s kindof what I’m entitled to on my blog… So whatever. Haters leave. Ha.

I think I did a good job rambling on about nothing, actually. I came on with a blank in my head, but I guess I filled up some space, so I feel accomplished. Ha. Ughh. Looks like homework is calling. Shoot me, please.


It’s so hard to come across it lately

But I’m trying my best… Or not really. I’ve been going with the flow quite a bit lately. I think it’s just because it’s been the last few weeks of the grading period and I was in a “whatever” mood. The great news is that I ended up with 3 A’s, 2 B’s, and one C! Wooo! All my hard work has paid off, it looks like. I think that was good enough to get me onto the B honor roll, too? I hope so, because the last time I was on that was back in 10th grade. Far too long, if you ask me. Ha.

I’ve been thinking about schools a lot lately. Just this past week I applied at Stevens Point, which is weird because it wasn’t on my priority list to send an application too! I saw that it had a study abroad program in Ireland, so I was like hell.yes. I should be hearing from them soon, and I think when I do I’ll apply to a couple more; River Falls or Eau Claire is what I’m thinking.

I’m trying to get another piercing. It’s been so long since I’ve had a needle in me! My mom proceeded to tell me the latest time was in September, and now that I think about it I guess it wasn’t so far away. I don’t care though, I need something new. I want my cartilage but my mom is saying I can only double up on my lobes. Ehh, I guess it’s better than nothing.

I’ve also realized that guys just suck. End of story. You can never get the ones you want, others are too creepy, and some people (this would be my best friend) seem to get anybody they want! I’m quite jealous but whatever. I’ll get someone fabulous… Someday? (;

I’m horrible

For a while there I had a good system;

I thought I would start updating every Thursday because it’s part way through the week, so I figured it would be logical. And whadda know? I end up posting on a Saturday, two weeks after my last blog. Good god, I’m lazy. I can’t blame it on anything, because I haven’t been really busy;  just laziness. But hey, at least I can admt it, right!? Although, last Saturday was an exception- I had the ACT, but then again it was only in the morning… Looks like I’m stickin’ with lazy.

I really want my cartilage pierced. I’m going to try and convince my mom to pick me up a piercing stud so I can do it tonight… I’m itching to feel a needle again. It’s been so long since my tattoo! I would love another one of those, but I’ll have to wait until the summer. Oh well, just gives me more of a chance to decide what I really want! Ha. But yes, I really needle more metal in me. Haha. I’ve been thinking about doing my lip or nose, too. Granted, I’ll have to wait until I move out of my parents’ house because they don’t like that, but I think as soon as I move out and get a job that’s pretty open, I’ll do it. Ugh. I should really be filling out college applications right now! And job apps for that matter… There’s that laziness again! Haha. Actually, it’s really not funny. I should get that checked.

School is pissing me off a bit, too. I had A’s and B’s in all of my classes, but after a few dumb tests, I’m down to C’s in two of them! Not what I want to see! I think I have a week or two to fix them before the grading period ends. I seriously hope I can bump those up in time.

Fuck, my future is looking crazy right now. Yesterday, my mom was sewing. For some reason I wanted to get behind the machine and just sew the shit out of something! I was like, wtf? That sudden urge to sew had me thinking about a career in fashion. I have no idea why I had this sudden need, so I looked at some stuff online. There are a few reasons why I don’t want to go into fashion. First of all: you don’t make money (not unless you’re a famous designer). Secondly: what if I pursued this and ended up nowhere? It seems like there are too many risks.

I’ve always wanted to do fashion. I used to “design” things in a notebook back in middle school and I used to play my little sister’s Barbie: Fashion Show game. Actually, it’s pretty funny because I played it more than she did… Errr, anyway- It’s interesting and looks like fun, but I don’t know if it would bring me to a position where I want to be in life. Maybe I’ll just apply to a few design colleges and decide later? Oh, idk.