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updates aren’t my thing.

As of July 8th, I turned 18. I’ve gotta say- it’s tight being an adult now. While I haven’t actually gone out and done anything “adultish”, the feeling that I can is just as great. I’m actually losing my casino virginity soon, so we’ll see how that goes- although I don’t like the thought of throwing away money. Ughh. Twenty bucks is my limit if I go; idc.

Work is sicker than sick. I honestly have the best job, and it’s going to be so hard if I ever have to leave for any reason. These past few months, I’ve worked with some of the coolest people- and just yesterday my manager and I counted up the people who are leaving for school/end of summer shit. It’s overwhelming, actually. Thinking that I could potentially never see any of these people again is kinda sad- just like the end of high school. Although there isn’t any drama with any of these people, so there’s more sadness. Hahah.

I also have another tat. It’s on my left arm (bicep) and is halfway done. It’s getting color soon, so I don’t want to post a picture until I see the finished product. I’ll just tell you it’s a skull with flowers around it. Think what you want- either really cheesy or super sketchy, I know- but it’s honestly soooo fucking sweet… Look at me. I’m so humble. Ha.



It’s so hard to come across it lately

But I’m trying my best… Or not really. I’ve been going with the flow quite a bit lately. I think it’s just because it’s been the last few weeks of the grading period and I was in a “whatever” mood. The great news is that I ended up with 3 A’s, 2 B’s, and one C! Wooo! All my hard work has paid off, it looks like. I think that was good enough to get me onto the B honor roll, too? I hope so, because the last time I was on that was back in 10th grade. Far too long, if you ask me. Ha.

I’ve been thinking about schools a lot lately. Just this past week I applied at Stevens Point, which is weird because it wasn’t on my priority list to send an application too! I saw that it had a study abroad program in Ireland, so I was like hell.yes. I should be hearing from them soon, and I think when I do I’ll apply to a couple more; River Falls or Eau Claire is what I’m thinking.

I’m trying to get another piercing. It’s been so long since I’ve had a needle in me! My mom proceeded to tell me the latest time was in September, and now that I think about it I guess it wasn’t so far away. I don’t care though, I need something new. I want my cartilage but my mom is saying I can only double up on my lobes. Ehh, I guess it’s better than nothing.

I’ve also realized that guys just suck. End of story. You can never get the ones you want, others are too creepy, and some people (this would be my best friend) seem to get anybody they want! I’m quite jealous but whatever. I’ll get someone fabulous… Someday? (;

I’m horrible

For a while there I had a good system;

I thought I would start updating every Thursday because it’s part way through the week, so I figured it would be logical. And whadda know? I end up posting on a Saturday, two weeks after my last blog. Good god, I’m lazy. I can’t blame it on anything, because I haven’t been really busy;  just laziness. But hey, at least I can admt it, right!? Although, last Saturday was an exception- I had the ACT, but then again it was only in the morning… Looks like I’m stickin’ with lazy.

I really want my cartilage pierced. I’m going to try and convince my mom to pick me up a piercing stud so I can do it tonight… I’m itching to feel a needle again. It’s been so long since my tattoo! I would love another one of those, but I’ll have to wait until the summer. Oh well, just gives me more of a chance to decide what I really want! Ha. But yes, I really needle more metal in me. Haha. I’ve been thinking about doing my lip or nose, too. Granted, I’ll have to wait until I move out of my parents’ house because they don’t like that, but I think as soon as I move out and get a job that’s pretty open, I’ll do it. Ugh. I should really be filling out college applications right now! And job apps for that matter… There’s that laziness again! Haha. Actually, it’s really not funny. I should get that checked.

School is pissing me off a bit, too. I had A’s and B’s in all of my classes, but after a few dumb tests, I’m down to C’s in two of them! Not what I want to see! I think I have a week or two to fix them before the grading period ends. I seriously hope I can bump those up in time.

Fuck, my future is looking crazy right now. Yesterday, my mom was sewing. For some reason I wanted to get behind the machine and just sew the shit out of something! I was like, wtf? That sudden urge to sew had me thinking about a career in fashion. I have no idea why I had this sudden need, so I looked at some stuff online. There are a few reasons why I don’t want to go into fashion. First of all: you don’t make money (not unless you’re a famous designer). Secondly: what if I pursued this and ended up nowhere? It seems like there are too many risks.

I’ve always wanted to do fashion. I used to “design” things in a notebook back in middle school and I used to play my little sister’s Barbie: Fashion Show game. Actually, it’s pretty funny because I played it more than she did… Errr, anyway- It’s interesting and looks like fun, but I don’t know if it would bring me to a position where I want to be in life. Maybe I’ll just apply to a few design colleges and decide later? Oh, idk.


What happened to me?

Ha. I’ve been so incredibly busy lately that I’ve barely had time to think.

Let’s see; I started school last wednesday and that’s going pretty great. I’m finally getting my first taste of what to expect for homework though after spending two hours doing anat & phys. I hope I know what I signed up for, because this shit is gonna get crazy fast. My other classes aren’t as rigorous, but I won’t be able to slack off.

Work is going alright. I’ve been debating on whether I’ll quit or not. The main reason is because I want to keep up with my school work. I have serious doubts about working and be able to keep my grades up.

I also got my tattoo last thursday! It was crazy fun! And it wasn’t as painful as people said it would be. I think I have an addiction because I want another one.

Anyways, I’m extremely tired so I’m going to bed. I get to work after school tomorrow! Yay /:

& the summer continues

It’s not very impressive either;

All I’ve been doing is work, work, work. I worked about 32 hours last week, and I’ll have close to 40 this week. A stock guy took a week off last week, and another one took this week off. It sucks. I have no social life. All I do now is work, sleep, and eat. I’m just looking forward to a giant check. Hahahah. Speaking of, I’ll probably be getting it this weekend (:

I can’t wait for the up ‘n’ coming weeks this month, too. I have a trip planned with some friends to MOA for some school shopping. And I still have to get my tattoo. It’s been so long since my dad has said he’s had it set up now, but I’m not gonna lose faith just yet. At least, that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself until it happens.

As long as I’m on the subject of body alterations, I should mention that I pierced my ears again. They look pretty good, and are actually even this time. Hahah. Now, after my hair cut/dye on wednesday, I’ll be ready to start my grads again. The rest of the summer has a lot of potential to make up for the bland weeks that have come and gone. Although, I wish I had more than three weeks before school to socialize.

But I’m excited for school. I get most of my social there anyway. I also have a ton of classes that I’m excited for. I hope I can make this year the best. It’s going to be stressful, no doubt; but like my tattoo, I have faith. I have yet to decide what I’m going to do for my senior project, and as the school year gets closer, I’m getting pretty desperate.

We’ll see how the rest of my busy week turns out first. Peace

& I’m having a blast


Talk about being busy. Yesterday, I worked six hours all by myself. And I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I think I did pretty damn good. Hah. But the night before that, I had worked another six. I guess the only thing I didn’t care for this weekend was the fact that I was scheduled for two shifts within several short hours of each other. It’s exhausting work, too.

Tonight, I’m finally going to see Eclipse. I guess I shouldn’t say finally, because it doesn’t really matter if I go or not. Even though I did rush to the read the book before I saw the movie. Hahahah. I’m bringing my sister and her friend with too. I think we might even be meeting up with her boyfriend. Hmmm; sketchy.

I should hopefully get my tattoo this month, too. <3

& days fly by

It’s crazy how fast this summer has been moving;

I think my job has had a lot to do with it, because I’ve never been this busy over any of my summers. I like that it’s giving me something to do, but training is an extremely long process. Like today, I spent 5 1/2 hours doing computer training- and I’m still not done with that! Nobody expected it to take so long, but now I have to go in tomorrow to finish. It was supposed to be my day off, but not anymore. Ha. Hopefully this part doesn’t take much longer.

Work has also exhausted me. I still have two more days to go before my first relaxation day. Ahhh- I’ve been working for six days already! Hahah. I guess it’s nothing to freak over, but I can’t believe that it’s been an official week since I’ve got a job.

Some upsetting news would be the fact that I’m not getting my tattoo for a few weeks. The guy who’s going to do it is out of town, I guess. Whatever- I’m ecstatic that I’m still getting it, so I can wait for a little longer. I’ll attach what I’m planning on getting. Gahhh, I can’t wait (:

This is the basic form of what I'll get