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Kinda forgot about this thing.

I wish I could have something positive to write about on my first post back, too…


It’s been nearly a year since my last post & I still don’t have any good news of any kind to write about.

Still single. Still at Cold Stone. Still stuck in the fucking Twin Ports.

I tell ya what, this place is an actual dead end. Don’t ever come here unless you’re planning to retire. This place sucks.


I have some ideas about what I want to do with my life, but there’s so many things that prevent me from doing anything about it. Like, I have this thing I’d like to create which I think would revolutionize how people drive and interact with obstacles in their cars. But it’s a big project. Don’t know how I’ll ever get around to starting it up.

My life in a nutshell: A deadend.

The picture of me on a horse is here to lighten the mood of this depressing-ass post (:



It’s Valentine’s Day.



haven’t forgotten.

Just haven’t had time.

I’ll update soon-
I have a lot I could talk about.

holy shit.


Craziest stats ever, today<3

Like f’real- I’m legitimately shocked when I opened up wordpress and found this. It was quite overwhelming and exciting, actually. Hahah (:

those late night drives.

[prompt] Where is your favorite place to drive to?

I don’t have a specific place that I like driving to, I just like driving. Specifically, during summer nights with the windows down and blaring music.
This is what I’m most looking forward to this summer.
I don’t know why it is, but it’s extremely comforting. It’s better when I’m all by myself because then I can just think about whatever I want without interruption. I could drive for hours just zoning-out. Doesn’t sound very safe as I type this. Hahah.
& this summer is going to give me plenty of material. Hopefully some issues will be cleared up by then while others I can forget completely.

Just a few more months. <3

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I’ve finally surpassed july.

It may not be much (only by two, as a matter of fact) but I’m excited as hell. The fact that I have anybody reading this boring account of my life is pretty awesome. Hahah.
My next attempt will be breaking that “most views in one day” record.

Wish me luck (:

case of hoarding.

I have a tough time throwing out a lot of different things. I think I could be classified as a hoarder because of the stuff I keep!

If there's something that I know I'm never going to use or have any purpose for in the future I'll try and toss it out as soon as I can, that way I won't get some kind of personal attachment to it.

I have a hard time throwing:

-notes (I used to have a whole box full of letters from friends)

-clothing tags (Ed Hardy tags are just too cool)

-lists (anything I write down to remember)

-paper (I hate the thought of wasting)


-clothes (I have stuff from 8th grade I don't wear but can't throw)

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